Friday, December 25, 2015

Vintage Christmas Ads

It’s Time for Christmas! It’s that time again for Santa to be everyone’s special delivery man!(Image Source: Bamboo Trading)
Time for Christmas
Thanks for the Coca-Cola, Jimmy. Now that’s a good kid! Santa will be happy to have your Coke and leave more presents for you! (Image Source: The Coca-Cola Company)
Dear Jimmy's
Christmas with Coca-Cola. Bingo! Have a Coke before climbing up that chimney again. (Image Source: Captain Geoffrey Spaulding)
Christmas with
Hat’s Off to Coca-Cola. Santa’s truly refreshed with his Coca-Cola. He’s even taken off his trademark hat. (Image Source: The Coca-Cola Company)
Hat's Off to Coca-Cola
Santa and the Kids. Cheers to the clever poodle! (Image Source: The Coca-Cola Company)
Coca-Cola's Santa and the Kids
Santa and the SpriteBoy. Now, Santa’s happily gulping Coca-Cola and SpriteBoy’s doing the deliveries. (Image Source: The Coca-Cola Company)
Santa and Sprite Boy
Stock up on Coca-Cola for Christmas. Or else you won’t have any left by Christmas because Santa’ll be swiping it off your fridge. (Image Source: Vintage Ad Browser)
Stock up on Coca-Cola for Christmas
Everyone Wants the New Toastmaster. Santa: I’ve got to update the gift list again!(Image Source:Jon Williamson)
Everyone Wants the New Toastmaster
GE’s Toaster. If you think about it, Santa’s only ever busy when Christmas is around the corner.(Image Source: Jon Williamson)
GE's Toaster
GE’s Cleaner. Best way to drop a hint for a Christmas gift: Slip a mini model of the object of your heart’s desire in his pocket. (Image Source: saltycotton)
GE's Cleaner
Crisco’s Christmas Cake. Yes, we need that extra one inch of sweet goodness for Christmas!(Image Source: sugarpie honeybunch)
How to get a Remington for Christmas. Awesome. I’m going to leave the whole ad on Mom’s table and see what I’ll get for Christmas. (Image Source: dayid)
Colt’s Guns. And I thought nobody would remember. (Image Source: ericritter)
Colt's Guns
Lucky Ciggies for Christmas. For Lucky smokers, they only pay attention to that last part. (Image Source: Jon Williamson)
Lucky's Cigarettes
Santa Smoking Pall Mall. Getting Santa to convince people about which smoke is milder and guards against throat scratch. Those were the days. (Image Source: Jon Williamson)
Pall Mall
Ronald Reagan Sends His Chesterfields. It’s not every day you get to see a former president help cell cigarretes. Well, not anymore. (Image Source: x-ray delta one)
War Bonds for Christmas. We’ve ran out of war bonds. What about cash instead? (Image Source:Vintage Ad Browser)
Mrs. Santa Claus’ Ironing Table. Looks like Mrs. Santa Claus is equally popular during Christmas!(Image Source: wardomatic)
Rid-Jid Ironing Table
Eveready is Ready for Christmas. Santa needs that flashlight so he won’t bump into things when he’s stuffing stockings at midnight. (Image Source: tortuga2010)
Toyland’s Toys. We are never too old for toys and games. (Image Source: Plan59)
Toyland's Toys
7-up Family Pack for Christmas. Yep, only a 24-pack can quench everybody’s thirst on Christmas.(Image Source: sugarpie honeybunch)
7-up Family Pack for Christmas
7-Up Likes You! Santa likes 7-Up so much he’s loaded his sled with a gigantic bottle! (Image Source: Plan59)
Acme’s Cowboy Boots. Even Santa is getting hippie, with help from these cowboy boots. (Image Source: densby)
Acme's Cowboy Boots